Young Henrys 10 Years Strong Barrel-Aged Red Ale

Young Henrys

Published April 12, 2022

When I received the email telling me Crafty Pint fan favourite Mick Wüst wouldn't be available to review Young Henrys' tenth anniversary beer, meaning I would have to do it in his stead, I knew I was having a good day (sorry, Mick!). Just reading about this beer – a barrel-aged red ale – I already wanted to inject it. Ten years of Young Henrys: yep, amazing, so many achievements, great job, etc... OK, I’ve been polite enough, I can’t wait another second, I want to drink this damn beer now!

What can you expect from 10 Years Strong? Expect it to pour the colour of a refreshing peach iced tea with sweet and salty aromas of crisp caramel and a potent wave of alcohol (it is 8 percent ABV, after all).

The taste is a palate-embalming wrap of brown sugar sweetness that settles on the tongue like a fire-blackened roasted marshmallow. Lurking there is the intrigue of the ageing in ex-rum and Port barrels, which seems to soothe and amuse the discerning drinker. It's smooth as a villainous cigar smoked at midnight. It seems to slow down time. Slow down you. Thoughts occur at a slower rate, everything is just more chill now. It will make you type overstatements at an alarming rate (at least that was my experience).

Seriously, though, this is one thoroughly entertaining red ale and a fitting celebration for one of Sydney’s formative craft brewers. Hear, hear.

Benedict Kennedy-Cox

Barrel-Aged Red Ale
Young Henrys

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