Young Henrys & Brix Distillers Rumming With The Devil

Young Henrys

Published July 11, 2019

Do you live life like there’s no tomorrow? All you’ve got, did you have to steal? Or did you need to beg or borrow? Whether or not Van Halen is governing your life choices, you have to appreciate the name of this rum and raisin brown ale.

Rumming With The Devil is the newest “Brewers B-Sides” beer from Young Henrys and came to life with the input of Brix, Sydney’s only dedicated rum distillery and bar. According to Brix head distiller Shane Casey: “Brix White-soaked Aussie raisins and craft beer is a classic combination, a bloody no-brainer if you ask me”.

It’s hard to argue with that. Young Henrys says it’s “best enjoyed with old friends, family and a block of dark chocolate” - which, again, it’s hard to argue with.

Knowing that darker malts can make it harder for other ingredients to shine through, the brew team used just enough crystal, brown and light chocolate malts to nudge it out of dark gold and into light brown territory. Each sip is smooth and sweet, with a touch of burnt caramel and just enough heat to the chest to notice it. But overall, it hides its 6.4 percent ABV well, so you shouldn’t have a problem knocking back a pint or a longneck of this. (Or more than one, if you ain’t got nobody waitin’ at home.)

Mick Wust

Rum Brown Ale
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