Bridge Road Saison de Printemps

Bridge Road Brewers

Released December 21st, 2010

For their second variation on the Saison theme, the Bridge Road brew team has added elderflower and blueberries to their highly rated beer to create a one-off "Spring Saison", having twice experimented with quince. Once again, both additional ingredients are sourced locally - the elderflower at the brewery itself - and once again it's a markedly different beer to its parent. It's cloudier in appearance and has something of a blood orange tinge compared to the original's light straw colour, while the new additions also give something of a herbacious edge to it. There's some lemon mingled with the traditional fruity, spicy saison notes plus a fair amount of added funk. To taste, it's no less complex, with a hint of sugar sweetness amid the tartness, a sharp snap of plum-like bitterness and a perfumey aftertaste. Intriguing!

Fruit-infused Saison
Bridge Road Brewers

Old Coach House
Ford Street
Beechworth VIC 3747

(03) 5728 2703
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Lunch: 7 days from midday to 3pm
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