Reckless Brewing Matilda Cold XPA & Passionfruit & Mango Hazy XPA

Cold XPA & Fruited Hazy XPA
4.4% & 4.5%

I always appreciate reading the Reckless Brewing post for International Women’s Day each year. This year, I learned when the day started...

“Since 1911, it’s been a day of collective global activism and celebration that belongs to all those committed to forging women's equality. And as the largest women majority-owned-and-operated brewery in Australia, a chance for us to show our hearts on our sleeves a little in support of that goal.”

The Reckless crew also used the post to talk up the Matildas – the team who not only grabbed and held our attention during their World Cup awesomeness last year, but have just qualified for the 2024 Paris Olympics with a 10-0 win against Uzbekistan. What legends.

Unsurprisingly, Reckless used the term "kicking goals" in their blog post’s title, but given last year their XPA took a trophy at the AIBAs and their Stout claimed one at the Indies (not to mention an armful of medals at each), I think they’ve earned the right to the phrase.

Anyway, this is a long way to get to the beer they brewed in celebration and support of the Matildas: Matilda Cold XPA, from which all profits are going to the Central West Women’s Health Centre, Reckless’ local charity partner.

As a style, XPA is already bright and lean, approachable and easy to drink. Give it the cold IPA treatment and it’s an absolute screamer. Matilda sings with grapefruit peel, florals and light tropicals, while a note of pine winds through it all. Then this all slowly subsides to allow a slight grainy malt to pop its head up, just as you’re deciding your ready for another sip.

Onto the next beer. This Passionfruit & Mango Hazy XPA doesn’t require as many words to set the scene.

Opaque yellow in the glass. Massive ripe mango on the nose, like you’re walking through the fruit shop on a 36 degree summer’s day, and that huge pile of mangoes just keeps ripening, while the passionfruit next to them add an edge of their aroma.

It’s got surprisingly crisp body for a hazy, and in terms of flavour, it’s impossible to tell where the tropical hops end and where the tart zing of passionfruit begins. But no matter – it all joins with a brief zap of bitterness at the finish.

Mick Wüst

Published March 8, 2024

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