Articles by James Smith

FogHorn Sounds Anew

Late in 2018, word spread that FogHorn, the highly-rated Newcastle brewpub was up for sale. In truth, it was a case of one founder looking to get out and the other, head brewer Shawn Sherlock, looking to the future. And now he is.

A Decade Of Oscar's Glory

Ten years ago, one of the best places to find a wide range of craft beer around Melbourne was a little bar in the Dandenongs. As Oscar's Alehouse's owners embark on a new beery venture, we invite them to reflect on a decade of beers.

Best New Victorian Beers Of 2018

It's been another monstrous year for beer in Victoria, with more breweries launching, more beers in more styles released than ever before and competition fierce as anything. Here, we try to cut through the noise and highlight some standout beers.

The Story Of: Pacific Ale

As 2018 draws to a close, Stone & Wood has been celebrating a decade of brewing. That means its first beer, Draught Ale or, as it became later, Pacific Ale, is ten too. Here, we trace its story and weigh its role in the growth of craft beer.

Serving And Enjoying Beer

So, you've picked up a beer from your local brewery or bottleshop, now how can you ensure it's kept in the best possible condition? And what is the best way to serve it?

How Beer Is Made

Learn the basics of brewing beer, from the ingredient that go into to the processes brewers go through before a beer leaves the brewery and makes its way to your glass.

Beer In Australia: An Introduction

This is a slightly shortened version of one of the chapters in The Great Australian Beer Guide, written by The Crafty Pint's founder James Smith and published by Hardie Grant in 2016.