Ocean Reach x Free 3D Hands Kinetic

Hazy IPA

Ocean Reach and Free 3D Hands have again joined forces to deliver a hoppy hit for an important cause. Their joint fundraiser has already helped raise some $22,000 for the charity, whose story you can read here. And now the two Phillip Island outfits want to raise further funds and have gone back to the deep well that is delicious hops to do so.

Once again, all profits are going straight to helping those in need, with the focus this time on kinetic arms to assist with mobility. Like its predecessor, Kinetic is an IPA that sits at 6.25 percent ABV (a reference to the lucky numbers of Free 3D Hands’ founder, Mat Bowtell), but this time around it's a hazy IPA rather than a West Coast. The chosen hops are Centennial, Azacca and the Cryo Pop blend and they build a mighty wave of fresh mango, pineapple and orange juice with a touch of freshly cut grass. Furthermore, if the simple act of drinking a beer doesn't quite feel like you're doing your part to help an important cause, there's a QR code to help you give a little more.

Will Ziebell

Published March 22, 2023

Ocean Reach Brewing

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(03) 5952 5274
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