Black Brewing Citrus Wheat & Bananana Split

Black Brewing Co

Published September 6, 2020

Black Brewing hit the ground running on day one of spring 2020, dropping not one but two fresh beers from their Caves Road brewhouse, ready to embrace warmer weather sipping.

The two beers – a Bavarian citrus wheat and a banana split dunkelweizen – have some commonalities, both German in inspiration and with fruity dispositions. The similarities end there, however, with each offering up uniquely different drinking experiences.

The Citrus Wheat is light in character and loaded with the zest of 80kg of locally grown blood oranges that ensure citrus aromas dominate while some refreshing acid is present too. Low bitterness keeps things extra drinkable and allows the refreshing citrus flavours and gentle yeast phenolics to do the work.

Bananana Split [With a can that's like the twin of Bright's recent Banana Split Stout – Editor] is more robust in nature with a darker, caramel-driven base beer bolstered with Wyeast 3068 to create its massive banana aromatics. Some gentle clove, herbaceous hops and chocolate malt character tie everything together to create a complex, but easy to enjoy beer. Brewed in collaboration with Kuld Creamery (the third in a series), Banana Split nails the brief of disguising a dessert as a beer.

From zesty citrus wheat beer to dunkelweizen that’ll make your body sing, Black are going full steam ahead in the creativity department, hoping to bring plenty of joy to punters on the back end of a pretty grim winter.

Jono Outred

Citrus Wheat Ale & Dunkelweizen
Both 5.0%
Both 12 IBU
Black Brewing Co

3517 Caves Road
WA 6280

(08) 9755 6500
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