Wheaty Brewing Corps & Wildflower Mildflower

Wheaty Brewing Corps

Published January 29, 2019

The Wheaty Brewing Corp brewers are extremely particular about cleanliness and their brewery is always impeccable. So, when Topher from Wildflower flew into town with some bugs in his suitcase for a collaboration, Jade and the crew were on edge.

The beer they set about creating combines Wildflower’s house mixed culture with the Wheaty’s preferred French saison yeast. Thus, into a Thebby fermenter for the first time went all manner of yeast strains and bacteria – more than 620 bugs of one form or another, apparently; get out the caustic because the bugs have come out to play...

Mildflower is a table beer that pours a cloudy straw colour with a bright white, fluffy head. A host of aromas leap forth, from white wine, lime and estery saison funk. The beer – which was hopped with new Kiwi experimental variety HORT 9909 as well as Motueka and Enigma – has a gentle, soft mouthfeel with the white wine commencing proceedings before flavours progress through to a touch of zesty zing and a little funk to finish things off. Dry, super quaffable and, at 4 percent ABV, one where you can let the long lunch flow on.

Matt King

Table Beer
15 IBU
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