Wheaty Brewing Corps Team Australia 2020

Wheaty Brewing Corps

Published December 17, 2020

The Team Australia IPA isn't a new beer: it was first brewed way back in 2014. However, the recipe was then put on the shelf, making way for the plethora of other styles and collaborations from the Wheaty Brewing Corps team. However, when the COVID-19 lockdown arrived, Jade and the Wheaty team figured it was time for a Team Australia resurgence. It might have something to do with the large stack of Aussie hops they had in storage, and a temporary inability to obtain some ingredients for others recipes; either way, it's back and has had a revamp. The ABV has been boosted to an even 7 percent, the yeast switched to Lallemand’s Verdant IPA strain, and it's now double dry-hopped with Ella, Enigma, Galaxy and Eclipse.

That double dry hop is most definitely effective, as big, juicy, tropical and stone fruit aromas leave a lasting impression. Freshly cut mango and sweet juicy apricots are the main drivers on the nose, combining to create a fruit salad. Team Australia takes on a deep, burnt orange colour with a slight haze to it, has a mouthfeel that's soft and allows the hops to do their thing, with mango and apricot dominating the flavours, supported by a little orange marmalade and a late minute cameo from Enigma's melon. The bitterness lets you know it’s there without throwing out the balance, with initial fruity sweetness in turn balanced by a dry finish.

Matt King

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