Wheaty Brewing Corps Big Poblano

Mexican Stout

The Big Poblano hit the Wheaty taps and their Friday tinnies releases just in time for summer, ready to merge fire with fire. Baby Poblano was released earlier in 2020, destined for the local chilli festival, but head brewer Jade Flavell wanted a little more: more booze, more body and more spice. The summer version amps up the alcohol content to 7.4 percent, with the spice amplified as well. The same amount of Ancho, Guajillo and Habanero chilli was added to both versions; however, this time around, the seeds weren't removed, adding a significant difference heat wise. Joining the chilli is a healthy dose of vanilla, cinnamon and cocoa alongside Warrior hops, seven different malts and flaked oats.

Big, sweet, milk chocolate aromas await on the nose alongside some earthiness from the chilli and touch of the smoked malt. The flavours hit the palate in waves, with the first set producing creamy vanilla, a little roast and dusty, rich, milk chocolate, followed by some subtle smoke and earthiness and heat from the chilli on the back palate. The heat's not overpowering but it’s there, slowly building as the stout warms and as your pint is drained, leaving a gentle but noticeable burn in the back of the throat.

Jade and The Wheaty team tend to thoroughly plan out their ideas to the finest detail and the Big Poblano is no exception, with the end result perfectly judged so every flavour does exactly what it needs to do.

Matt King

Published December 9, 2020

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