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There may be plenty of parts of English culture and character that have carried on though generations from this country’s first convict imports, but a love for traditional English style ales isn’t one of them. The climate may have a lot to do with that because, honestly, most days a cool and crisp lager makes more sense and is often far more appealing than the prospect of a moderately warm malty ale. But there are still cool seasons, chilly evenings and a surprisingly strong niche audience for these “old-timey” beers. And when you have a pint of Cupitt’s Mild you understand why.

Served on hand pump from a cask at the brewery, this is a thick and malt-driven beer that trades on toffee and caramel characters with a touch of fruity esters from the traditional British ale yeast. At a shade over four percent ABV it’s firmly in the sessionable category, which is just as well because it’s hard to stop at just one.

Nick Oscilowski

English Mild
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