Cupitt's Estate Ulladulla IPA

Cupitt's Estate

Beer and wine are old foes. At Cupitt’s they’re great friends. They make both on site with an understanding that complementary flavours offer a more complete experience. For example, if you’re sitting in their restaurant staring down a cheese board you have the choice of what to pair where. Both beer and wine can playfully complete in fruits character and tannin and acid and structure, but wine doesn’t do bitterness and that makes an IPA something of a trump card.

Cupitt’s IPA is based on the West Coast US style, essentially one featuring lots and lots of hops without too much mind for anything else. Here they use ample amounts of all-American hop varieties to dish out a smorgasbord of pine, citrus and tropical characters accompanied by a firm bitterness. This is a beer that offers solidity and depth without necessarily being overpowering. That makes it good at the robust end of a cheese board but just as good on its own – maybe better.

Nick Oscilowski

Cupitt's Estate

58 Washburton Road
NSW 2539

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