Wheaty Brewing Corps Wheaty Wheaty

Wheaty Brewing Corps

Published October 16, 2016

When it comes to beer names, The Wheaty Brewing Corps crew generally deals in puns or witty jokes. So, when the time came to brew a wheat beer for the first time, what else could it be than Wheaty Wheaty?

Instead of aiming for the banana / clove aromas of the wheat beers that originated in Bavaria, the Thebarton lupulin lovers opted for the American wheat style; thus this is a beer that comes hopped to the eyeballs, albeit added late to obtain aroma and flavour with little in the way of bitterness. Said hops come in the shape of hearty editions of Tassie Cascade in the whirlpool, although this plays second fiddle to the real hop star here: the tropical and melon aromas derived from Aussie hop Enigma – with some Warrior and Amarillo added for good measure.

It all makes for a light, highly aromatic drop in which the aforementioned Enigma shines through. At 4.2 percent ABV, you can see it becoming a go to for many this summer when Adelaide’s 40 degree heat arrives.

Matt King

American Wheat
12 IBU

The Wheaty

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