Van Dieman Harvest Ale 2014

Van Dieman

Published March 22, 2014

Recently, we were lucky enough to sample again the last vintage of Van Dieman's barrel-aged sour take on their Hedgerow Ale, a beer that was great when it was straight, utterly wonderful soured, and seemingly getting better with age. Hopefully, there will be a new release soon, but in the meantime Will Tatchell has been keeping busy, with the latest cab off the rank a rather unique Harvest Ale. It's a 7.1 percent ABV white IPA brewed with fresh hops grown on the brewery farm in Evandale and added to the brew within two hours of being picked by a team of dedicated craft beer fans. It features 35kgs of Cascade and Super Pride in a Belgian witbier base brew. According to Will: "This year's Harvest Ale showcases a classic Belgian yeast aroma, with hints of fresh mint, citrus and floral aromas. It has a refreshing fruity flavour, crisp peachy bitterness and subtle spice notes. It's a great example of the continued up take of craft beer in Tasmania, and the huge variety of beer styles now available to the discerning drinker. These wet hops are literally dripping with the sticky delicious yellow substance, lupulin, which carries with it most of the essential aromatic oils from the hop plant."

White IPA

Keg only release around Tasmania

First keg at Saint John Craft beer ' March 22

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