Van Dieman Freycinet Pilsner

Van Dieman

Published December 15, 2021

The past couple of years have seen more brewers add a lager – or lager-like "draught" – to their lineup, sometimes as a means of appeasing visitors after something unchallenging and familiar, on occasion with an eye on broadening their appeal outside the crafty bubble. For summer 2021/22, Van Dieman have joined the gang, although it's fair to say Freycinet Pilsner is a far cry from the Mexican cerveza and Tooheys-mimickers on the market.

The biggest sidestep comes early on: primary fermentation took place in oak barrels, a move that appears to have added even more creamy softness to that brewers can elicit in such beers brewed with traditional pilsner malts and long lagering times. Hazily golden with a fluffy white head to visually prepare your for its pillowy texture. Aromas of a floral, straw like nature welcome the drinker in, while there's a hint of grassiness to the gentle bitterness woven through those familiar pilsner malt characters. You can see these disappearing in a hurry over summer, which presumably is the plan.

James Smith

Oak-Fermented Pilsner
12 IBU
Van Dieman

537 White Hills Road
TAS 7258

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