Van Dieman Giblin X

Van Dieman

Published June 21, 2019

Giblin is the imperial stout that's been in the Van Dieman limited release locker for years. And, like the brewery itself, it's one that's evolving as Will Tatchell's farm-based, estate ale-creating operation moves into a second decade. No longer is it enough to put out an imperial stout brewed with water, malt, hops and yeast, this time around it's a case of homegrown hops and a full year in just-emptied Port barrels.

Clearly, the latter made their mark as the first comment by Will Ziebell of this parish when we shared a bottle was that the beer had distinct Port-like characters – and he wasn't at that point aware they'd been used. Aside from Giblin X's dark fruity side, its intensely black colour and deep brown head are, in a way, in contrast to its relatively light weight: it doesn't have the oily viscosity of many other 10 percent ABV imperial stouts, with a gentle acidity cutting through the body of the malt.

There's plenty to unravel, from cola to its tannic dryness, circling a roasty dark chocolate character that settles in on your palate and sticks around. All in all, it's a feisty number with which to celebrate turning ten.

James Smith

Port Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout
92 IBU

Dirty Pennies

Bottles leaving the brewery mid-July

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