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Published October 23, 2013

While they're always a joyful bunch down at the Young Henrys brewery, it's still a little hard to imagine them getting too excited about - much less inspired by - the classic Sound of Music singalong about raindrops, roses and whiskers on kittens. It just doesn't seem, well... rock and roll enough. But when you swap the raindrops for ale, the roses for truffles and the whiskers for bacon, that's definitely something to work with. In fact, that's exactly what they have worked with for the release of A Few Of My Favourite Things, a Belgian Bacon Truffle IPA. To get this beer going, they first brewed and dry hopped a Belgian IPA. Next, they put a few kilograms of bacon on the brewery smoker before infusing it in the beer for 12 hours. Then they did the same 12 hour infusion with a substantial quantity of truffles (enough to easily make it the most expensive single batch beer the brewery has produced). That done, for good measure they added a bag of truffles into the bright tank for an extra soak. And what they've created is a beer that's in no way as bizarre as it potentially sounds. Instead, what it is is a really good Belgian IPA with just a hint of smoke up front and a truffle bringing up the rear. When three of the brewers, completely independent of each other, suggest it's probably their favourite Young Henrys beer ever, you'll probably want to check it out while you can. NO

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