Young Henrys Natural Lager

Young Henrys

In a country where corporate-produced lager is the undisputed king, it's somewhat surprising that more Australian craft breweries don't make them. That's not something to be said at Young Henrys however; their Natural Lager has been pouring from the Newtown brewery since the day its doors first opened. It's also fair to say their version wouldn't be confused with anything you'd see coming with a global brand name attached. Where perfect clarity in a lager has become expected, Young Henrys Natural Lager is unfiltered and instantly recognisable for its permanent haze. But don't let that cloud your judgement; made using three types of Australian noble hops, this is a well-crafted beer that's crisp, refreshing and absolutely made for sipping on summer days.

Unfiltered Lager
Young Henrys

Units D & E, 76 Wilford St
NSW 2042

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