Van Dieman Geronimo

Van Dieman

Published January 18, 2013

Tasmania's Van Dieman Brewing is releasing an extremely short run beer this weekend. Created in conjunction with Meander Valley Berries, the beer is based upon a Belgian wheat beer style, with the intention being to provide a summer refresher as well as showcasing as much of the fruit flavour as possible. A rather sizeable 120kg of fresh strawberries were added to the beer, where they spent 14 days in the tank. At that point, the beer was transferred to another vessel along with a further 80kg of strawberries. According to brewer Will Tatchell, Geronimo: "serves as a beautiful shade of rose pink with an authentic opaqueness and exhibits that classically warm summer aroma of field fresh strawberries. The taste promotes the prominent strawberry characteristics, without the cloying sweetness often exhibited in strawberry ciders, whilst allowing the yeast like malt component of the wheat beer to show through. It develops a dry texture across the palate, perfect for thirst quenching in warmer weather." Geronimo is only available at the Tamar Valley Beer Festival and Festivale in February.

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