Rocky Ridge & Friends Retro Beer Fest Collabs

Various Styles As Indicated
8.5% & 7.0% & 6.5% & 5.0% & 8.0%

Retro Beer Fest went down as one of the greats within the 2022 Australian craft beer calendar – a festival where the brewers not on colluded to produce a great time at Rocky Ridge HQ, but also on the creation of five collab beers, including an all-in, cross-border, 18 brewery effort.

That beer is Herding Cats, a triple dry-hopped DIPA featuring a shopping list of hops including Wakatu, Strata, Meridian, Zamba, Sativa, NZH 101, NZH 107 & Lorien atop a medium body. Rich, fragrant hop character dominates alongside a firm bitterness and overripe stonefruits.

Continuing in the hoppy realm is Staved and Confused, a seldom-seen oaked WCIPA with classic stylings. A persistent bitterness presents as warming against sweet oak that also yields sweet vanilla, light spice and fresh cut wood. A pale disposition keeps things approachable, while the 7 percent ABV and some sweetness lingers after each sip.

Party Of Five is one for hotheads rather than hopheads: a mango, lime and habanero sour in which a medium body carries sweet and sour tropical fruits, citrus, and a gently-building heat. New Zealand pils Crispy Concords also features in the quintet, landing at a modest 5 percent ABV and featuring organic Motueka hops, German specialty malts, and a clean lager yeast. It dabbles in the world of IPA with its vibrant hop character, delivered in combination with a clean but piercing bitterness.

Finishing large and we have Big Bobby Beedus, a dense chocolate and coffee breakfast stout that features a stack of specialty malts providing layers of malty complexity, plus a kick of chocolate from fresh cocoa husks and freshly-cracked coffee beans. Dense and with a thick body, this "breakfast of champions" celebrates opulence with chocolate, coffee and sweetness all shining as one.

Retro Beer Fest was a hit with punters in WA, particularly those of the South West, and now beer fans from further afield can get a taste of the fun too.

Jono Outred

Published December 20, 2022

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