Five Barrel Brewing Little Nipper Hazy IPA

Five Barrel Brewing

Beer lovers have debated over the years how to pronounce the acronym "NEIPA", but Five Barrel have found a way to play off the word without turning mate against mate by calling theirs Little Nipper Hazy IPA.

Calling it hazy is an understatement – it’s almost murky enough that the crab on the label could hide in your beer and you wouldn’t know it til it nipped your lip.† Between the blend of hops and the English yeast strain, aromas of tropical fruits and mango chutney fill the nose, and while I’m not sure where it’s coming from, there’s also a thread of creamy vanilla that ties it all together smoothly. But, once you start sipping, this hazy is a bit drier than its aroma would have you thinking, with sawn pine notes and a soft texture sending it straight down your gullet.

Mick Wust

†There’s probably not a crab hiding in your beer. And even if there is, it’s probably too large to fit through the mouth of the can, so as long as you pour into a glass (as you should) you’ll be fine. And even if the crab is small enough to pour out into your glass, the little fella’s probably too drunk at this point to do any nipping. He’ll be as harmless as the worm in a bottle of tequila. If it’s really a big problem for you, you could always pour your beer through a fine sieve or a sock to ensure any crabs don’t make it into your glass. But as I said – there’s probably not a crab hiding in your beer.

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