Five Barrel Brewing London Calling

Five Barrel Brewing

Released October 1, 2021

A 440ml can of Five Barrel’s London Calling isn’t quite a pint of bitter, but it’s close enough.

Bring together the malt sweetness, the hop spice and the yeast esters, and you’ve got a complex aroma – one that made me think of banana oat cookies fresh from the oven. But the big and bold aroma quietens down in the mouth to make this a supremely drinkable drop, with a pleasant dryness and a hint of bitter cocoa creeping in once you’ve patiently allowed the beer to warm up.

Drink with fish and chips, or a hearty pie.

Mick Wust

PS If you can say the phrase "London Calling" without simultaneously hearing the Clash song in your head and picturing a scene from a movie or TV show that used it, you’re probably an alien who only just arrived on this planet in the last 24 hours.

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