Moo Brew IIPA

Moo Brew

Published September 18, 2020

It's not that long ago that the Moo brewers decided their promise to never release an IPA wasn't set in stone, which led them to release a fine, straight down the line West Coast version of the game-changing style. And it's not taken them long to decide to follow that up with an imperial one.

Their IIPA comes at you with one foot in the old school of American IPAs and one in the present day era of fruitier and juicier. Hazy in appearance and fluffy of texture, it comes bearing a mixed platter of New World hoppiness, taking in berries, citrus and the bit coating the stone inside a peach or nectarine. There's an earthy, piney nature to a bitterness that's textural as well as simply bitter, all making for a really rather lovely beer. As is the Moo way.

James Smith


Prince Alfred Port Melbourne

If you're reading this in time, the Prince Alfred Port Melbourne crew are tapping a keg on Sept 18 with a roulette wheel of bonus goodies.

Moo Brew

76a Cove Hill Road Bridgewater
TAS 7030

(03) 6263 7773