Colonial Brewing Co TaylorMade Lager

CBCo Margaret River

Published September 2, 2020

They’ve previously made beers with football teams and here have teed up another sporting collaboration, this time donning their plus fours and caps for a stroll along the fairway with TaylorMade. It's a good time for golf in most parts of Australia too, given it's one of the more social-distance-enabling sports out there.

As to the beer itself, the respective booze and equipment producers have their eyes set on easy-drinking refreshment with a 3.5 percent ABV lager. Those eyes are also trained towards Europe as there’s a light spice character from the hops akin to many classic pilsners in what’s otherwise a sessionable and easy-going thirst quencher that sadly won't act as an excuse for the poor quality of your putting.

Will Ziebell

Mid-Strength Lager
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