Colonial Brewing Project 3: Mission Brown

CBCo Margaret River

Published September 6, 2013

It seems that the deeper you delve into the minds of the brewers at Margaret River's Colonial Brewery, the murkier things get. There's an obsession with "Gary", something we don't fully understand but with which we totally empathise given there's something of a "Gary" obsession here too. Something we do understand is that there's a new series of limited releases coming out under the Project Beer banner - we know this as we ran a story on it. Yet we're still not totally sure what beer three of the Project is all about.

Like an in-joke that's smashed through the security gates, leapt over the barbed wire-topped wall and made a break for civilisation, it's called Mission Brown, which suggests it's a brown ale. It also features 'The Stiv� - seemingly a water bound amalgam of The Lady in the Lake and the mystery man from that driving show that is mysteriously the most watched show on the planet. And it is also the "Son of Gary", presumably Gary the White, the white stout they brewed for this year's Gabs.

Other information includes: "Project 3 is coloured a hue that sits between Sunset Latte and Granddad's going out pants (the corduroy ones). As with all Project Beer this is about enjoyment of the beer and less about the style (like Granddad's cords)." So there you go.

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