Newstead Brewing Westerlies Winter Lager

Newstead Brewing Co

Released July 3, 2019

“Awww bugger off, it’s freezing! Gonna have to put my uggies on. Yeah nah the sun’s out, but it’s cold in the shade. Yeah I know it’s 22 degrees… it feels 15 but. Cos of the wind chill factor.”*

Brisbane winter; there’s nothing like it. Brisbanites complain about the cold but those conversations are largely just a ritualistic reminder that the seasons have indeed changed. Newstead Brewing knows this and plays along by releasing the Westerlies Winter Lager each year.

The dark lager is a deep brown that still lets the light through when consumed in the winter sun. There’s also a sparkle from the decent amount of carbonation and some slight melon aromatics to this year’s iteration, along with the more expected chocolatey aroma. A light body carries roastiness, chocolate and noble hop spice across the palate, but these flavours don’t hang around for too long; it ends with a dry, roasty finish, like the last charred pieces of wood in the fire.

Did we mention it’s in tinnies? Drink it beside a brazier in the backyard, wearing shorts, ugg boots and a jumper with the sleeves rolled up. Just make sure you're talking about how cold it is.

*Actual words said by every Queenslander ever.

Mick Wust

Dark Lager
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