Capital Brewing Co Springboard Summer Ale

Capital Brewing Co

Released December 1, 2017

For inspiration for Capital’s Springboard Summer Ale, head brewer Wade Hurley looked towards the American wheat ales of his homeland. Not to be confused with those of Europe, American wheat ales use a cleaner yeast – no clove and banana here, although he did add coriander seed to this one – and tend to be more hop forward, while retaining a lean body.

Springboard pours a light golden with a substantial haze, with orange aromas first to leap from the beer, in part thanks to the orange peel in the mix. As it's consumed, other fruity characters appear – mandarin and some tropical fruit – while there's an underlying honey sweetness (there's honey added too) and a slight lick of spice to connect the hop forward flavours.

American Wheat
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