Who Brews Himmel Hünd Wit?

February 27, 2015, by Crafty Pint

Who Brews Himmel Hünd Wit?

While there was little to celebrate in the news that SABMiller was shutting down the Port Melbourne home of Matilda Bay last year, it did mean that a number of brewers came on to the market. While some headed to other existing breweries, Annabel Meagher, who had spent six months on work experience there, took the opportunity to launch her own brand with partner Henry.

Himmel Hünd's first beer is a Wit, based on a recipe she first developed years ago when studying brewing in Ballarat, before starting at the Matilda Bay Garage. The beer is currently being brewed under license and will feature at two Craft Beer Rising tastings tomorrow where you'll be able to meet Annabel and chat to her about her beer and plans for Himmel Hund.

Before you do, you can find out a little about them here as she stars in our latest Who Brews...? feature.

Who are you?
Himmel Hünd is a brewing company started in late 2014. The brewer, Annabel Meagher, was inspired to start home brewing after living, studying and working in Bavaria, where she drank her first delicious hefeweizen.

After many years of home brewing and an environmental science and chemical engineering degree in between, she decided to make the move to a career in brewing. She completed work experience at Matilda Bay for six months before starting Himmel Hünd with her partner Henry.

Where do you brew?
We brew at Southern Bay Brewing Co in Geelong (below right), which is a charming 1950s brewery that is real hands on brewing! The guys there are all fantastic and we are very hands on in the process. As we build up our brand we plan to design and build our own brewery.

Annabel brewing at Southern BayWhat beers have you released to date?
We have just released our first beer in January this year. It is a Belgian witbier style spiced with coriander and sweet orange peel. The beer is a homage to our love of European style brewing and one of Annabel and Henry's favourite styles to drink.

What's the inspiration behind the brewery name?
One of our other loves besides beer is our Australian Cattle Dog, Skey. Himmel Hünd is a loose translation of "Sky dog" into German because Annabel found her true passion for beer in Germany, and Skey is the quintessential Aussie dog so it still represents our Australian heritage.

Skey is an easy going, full of energy dog who sticks her tongue out a lot (just like Annabel does when she's concentrating in the brewery).

Where can people find you/your beers?
Our beer is available at the following shops and venues:

  • Far Side Beers, Camberwell
  • The Little Wine Shop, South Melbourne Market
  • Vice Bar, Fitzroy
  • West End Hotel, Whyalla, SA
  • Kafe Lagune, Whyalla, SA
  • McCoppins, Abbotsford

You'll find us floating around Melbourne and Geelong most days. Annabel can be contacted at annabel@himmelhund.com

What beers are currently in your fridge?
Himmel Hünd witbier of course, some Chang left over from someone last Christmas, a bottle of 4 Pines Citrus IPA, a large selection of geuze and other delicious sour beers, Epic Dark IPA.

What beers are most regularly found in your fridge?
Always plenty of lambics, although they don't last there for long - we love anything sour!

Thanks, guys. You can catch them here and here at two of the Craft Beer Rising events taking place on February 28.


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