Time For Some PoOsitivity

May 16, 2024, by James Smith

Time For Some PoOsitivity

Nobody needs reminding that there's plenty of gloominess around the beer world right now – and much of the rest of the world, for that matter. But there's plenty of great stuff happening in and around beer too, from new openings to endeavours to move the world in a more sustainable direction.

Here at The Crafty Pint, we're always looking to share the stories of people achieving amazing things in beer or those businesses embracing new opportunities even in these tough times – even if traffic to the site suggests people are so innately morbid they're attracted to negative tales like moths to a flame.

Such human behaviour explains why watching TV news can be such a depressing experience; as the saying goes: "bad news sells". But we refuse to be beaten down. We're having plenty of conversations of an upbeat nature with people throughout the beer industry. And we're doing our little bit to spread some joy too.

With Pint of Origin, which by all accounts is enjoying its most successful year yet in 2024, we've been able to do that in two ways: giving brewers, venue teams and beer lovers a reason to head out to celebrate great beer together; and injecting a good news story into the TV news at the same time.

As the opening weekend kicked off, we were lucky enough to land a bunch of slots on the major networks: hanging out with Allan Raskall at The Royston and Cherry Tree; joining the hosts of Weekend Sunrise from The Lincoln on Saturday morning; showing off Heartbreaker's beerified version of curling on 7 News; and scoring a "Must Do" slot on 10.

You can check out a few of those clips below. And, more importantly, if you're reading this before May 19, you can still check out the festival itself. The 21 venues still have heaps of amazing beers to tap, plus brewery showcases, feasts that include a lunch with Two Metre Tall's Ashley Huntington and a BBQ dinner featuring Parish beers from the States, an all-day dessert bar courtesy of One Drop, sours, trivia, bar shouts, meet the brewers, a live podcast streaming in from Japan, collabs and way more besides.

That also means there's heaps of time to grab a #PoO24 Passport (if you haven't already) so you can collect stamps on the 2024 Mini-Crawls that qualify you for the prize draws at the end of the festival featuring prizes from Brompton, Bogs, Beervana, Thirsty Merchants and The Crafty Cabal. So, gather your mates, pick the venues that tickle your fancy, and get ready to travel the world of beer at 21 great Melbourne venues before it's all done for another year!

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