The Suburban Brew Open Their Second Taproom Today

December 2, 2022, by Will Ziebell

The Suburban Brew Open Their Second Taproom Today

The Adelaide suburbs look even craftier today, as The Suburban Brew welcome the first guests inside their new home in Glynde. It’s the second venue for the Suburban crew, although unlike their taproom in Goodwood this one is home to a 20-hectolitre brewery.

Brewery co-founder Tony Dichiera says they’ve long known they needed a substantial brewery of their own and secured the industrial spot in Adelaide’s northeast towards the start of the year.  

“We always knew we couldn’t use other people’s equipment forever and a day,” he told The Crafty Pint.

The brewing company released their first beers in August 2017 after Tony and co-founder Troy Brailsford met while studying brewing at SA TAFE. Their first commercial release was brewed on the TAFE brewhouse before Tony and Troy invested in their own fermenters at Little Bang, later moving to Big Shed.

“I’m risk-averse,” is how Tony describes their approach. “I’m an accountant by trade so wasn't really willing to just go: mortgage the house, quit my day job.”


From light-filled warehouse...


But The Suburban way started to feel a little less risky after they opened their taproom in a former industrial unit in the heart of Goodwood in September 2020 and instantly struck a chord with locals.

“That gave us the confidence and let us know we’re onto something if we followed it,” Tony says.

Although they’ve always operated a 200-litre brewery at Goodwood, their initial plan was to find a production site that would help keep that venue’s taps full and supply beer to the wider market. As is often the case, however, that plan changed...

“When we came across this site,” he explains, “it was too good an opportunity not to add a taproom – and it's too big to not, to be honest.”

The space is licensed for 200 people and while it’s still a cavernous industrial building, its sawtooth roof and copious natural light have helped them give it a homely feel. 

Taking control of the new brewery is head brewery Peter Bradley, who joined them as a business partner after previously working at Big Shed. He says that, beyond the building’s natural fit as a brewery, the team felt opening in Glynde helps fills a gap in the suburbs beyond Little Bang's buzzing Stepney venue.

“We thought it was a good location,” Pete says “But when we saw the building, we fell in love with it straight away. It also has plenty of ceiling height for growth if we want to look to put bigger fermenters in.” light-filled brewery and bar.


The plan is to start brewing on Monday on a setup that features a fermenters in multiple sizes – including a couple of horizontal tanks for lagering – to give them plenty of room to brew with freedom.

“I love a good lager,” Peter says. “I originally worked at West End, so I know how to make lagers by the truckload.”

Their Goodwood home will remain just how locals know and love it – for now. They've secured an adjacent building and intend to install a kitchen there early next year. But for now it's all eyes on Glynde as the doors swing open at 2pm ACDT. 

The Suburban Brew’s Glynde Brewery & Taproom opens at 2pm today (December 2) and is located at 26-30 Provident Avenue, Glynde. You can find it and hundreds of other good beer venues in the free Crafty Pint app.

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