Karma Kegs For The Climate

September 19, 2019, by Will Ziebell

Karma Kegs For The Climate

Ahead of the Global Climate Strike, the Good Beer Co have announced they’ll be bringing people together over beer to help raise money for the Great Barrier Reef. The fundraising brewing company is one of more than 1,500 businesses across Australia to have signed up to the “Not Business As Usual Campaign” run by Future Super.

Good Beer Co was launched with the aim of protecting the national icon and, following the strike on September 20, they're putting on karma kegs with founder James Grugeon keen to see others in the beer industry get involved too.

His intention is to recapture the goodwill he witnessed during Australia’s marriage equality plebiscite in 2017. That saw Good Beer Co collaborate with Bright Brewery to brew Love²; proceeds from that beer went to the Australian Marriage Equality Campaign, with the brewing companies also launching the “Toast 2 Love” campaign in every capital city.

“It was really just about bars putting the beer on and doing a karma keg for people to just come and have a beer with their mates,” James says.

In Brisbane, Good Beer Co has teamed up with The End. James will be there after the city’s rally finishes and all proceeds from the karma keg will go to the charity campaign Fight For Our Reef. James is planning to put on other karma kegs of Great Barrier Beer and hopes other breweries will be involved too – and that venues can provide a place for strikers to debrief with beer in hand.

“This is confronting stuff and we want people to be able to feel like there are lots of other people who share their concerns and want to see urgent action,” he says.

“We’re just saying put a beer on and people who want to can come and wind down after the climate strike, have a chat and we can raise some money as well.”

Last week, The Crafty Pint joined forces with Jessie Jungalwalla of Craft Instinct to call for the beer industry to support the global call for action on the climate crisis under the No Beer On A Dead Planet banner. You can read more about that here.

For more info on Good Beer Co's event at The End, head here.

You can also download Jessie's No Beer On A Dead Planet artwork to show your support:


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