Lost Palms Brewing

Lost Palms is a brewery infused with the spirit of your favourite party shirt.

It starts with pink. Lots of pink. You can’t talk about Lost Palms without talking about pink. Pink brewery. Pink logo. Pink beer cans. There’s also a whole lot of pastel green (please don’t ask me if it’s aqua, turquoise, mint or teal) in the brand’s look, but the pink is the vibe that grabs on and doesn’t let go.

This makes a lot of sense for a Gold Coast brand, since pink seems to be the unofficial colour of the Gold Coast, from the neon signs of the nightlife to the sunset sky reflected in the sand. And whether you’ve come from Miami Beach a few blocks to the east, or from the street eats and live music of Miami Marketta a block to the west, Lost Palms is a great place to find yourself at the end of the day. Because in a market where craft breweries are often dominated by a black and steel colour palette, the bright colours of Lost Palms bring the fun even before you’ve taken your first sip.

Step inside the Miami brewery and you’ll find the happy and welcoming colours on the walls mirrored in the faces of the friendly staff. In fact, just about the only thing in the place that isn’t bright is the black subway tile wall behind the bar, and even that has the tap list scribbled on it in pink.

It’s also the location of 11 taps pouring liquid sunshine, six of which rotate through limited releases while the other five showcase the core beers that’ll never run dry: Talle Daze captures the lazy tropical feeling of nearby Tallebudgera Creek; 300 Days of Sunshine is a good pick if you’re driving; and the Hibiscus & Guava Sour will capture the hearts of even the non-beer drinkers in the group.

The kitchen pumps out burger bar fare with options of OG beef, Nashville buttermilk chicken or crispy cauliflower, and sides including mac ’n' cheese balls and loaded fries. Pair them with an XPA or Gold Coast Bitter, grab a dog-friendly picnic table or slide into the studded banquette seating, and fill your belly with food and drink like you’ve stumbled into an oasis after three days in the desert sun. The images of palm trees can only help on this front.

While the eye-catching aesthetic of Lost Palms taps into a pre-existing Gold Coast vibe, that wasn’t enough for the LP crew. After a few years of staying in their own backyard (for the most part), they jumped the fence in 2020 by opening a taproom in Sherwood, thus bringing the Lost Palms party to Brisbane.

Sitting proudly in the main street of Sherwood, this venue is accessible by public transport and accessible in its welcoming hospitality and approachable beers. Out the front, you’re greeted by the words “Beer Happy” in big lettering; inside you’re surrounded by flamingo pink and foliage. But as nice as the interior is, it’s hard to pass up the patio seating on the street. Grab a beer, grab a burger, and make the passers-by jealous for a taste of the GC lifestyle.

The beer itself is obviously at the heart of Lost Palms’ appeal. Maybe the beachy and sessionable core range first caught your attention; maybe it was their Special Listings series, which explores different takes on sours and IPAs with retro real estate photography on the labels; or maybe it was another of their limited releases, where the brewers push their beers in all manner of directions. In early 2022, after setbacks from a global pandemic and QLD/NSW floods, Lost Palms' Miami brewhouse finally received an upgrade and expansion to help the crew pump out even more beer and keep the special releases flowing.

But the beer helps Lost Palms pour themselves out in other ways, too. They talk about "finding the art in craft”: using their can labels to show off the work of graphic designers and their upstairs space in Miami to exhibit local artists. They look for ways to dig deep into their communities, inviting people from the neighbourhood to join their little family, while also spreading their reach further afield by sending their Gold Coast vibes (read: beers) interstate.

Whether you’re chatting with the staff at one of the venues or cracking a can in the sun a long way away, you’ll find that getting lost isn’t always a bad thing.

Mick Wust

The last two photos in the slideshow are from Lost Palms 4075 in Sherwood, which you can visit at 1/671 Sherwood Road, Sherwood. You can also find it in the free Crafty Pint app.

Lost Palms Brewing

11 Oak Avenue
QLD 4220

Open Hours

Thursday: 4pm to 8pm
Friday: midday to 9pm
Saturday: midday to 10pm
Sunday: midday to 6pm

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Lost Palms Brewing Regulars

Lost Palms GCB Lager

Ah, GCB Lager. I can only assume your name is a reference to another "bitter" known by its initials, of which I’m not too fond. May I say I prefer your mint green to the forest green, your tinnie to the glass stubby, and your marketing that speaks to more than one narrow demographic. I didn’t expect to see "low carb" and "low gluten" on your label (handy if one is looking for those things). I didn’t expect you to pour the colour of molten gold. But I did expect… Read more
Aussie Lager

Lost Palms XPA

I have an opinion about most things in life, to the exhaustion of anyone who gets stuck in a lively conversation with me.† But in the perpetual back-and-forth about defining what an XPA actually is, I don't have an opinion. As long as it’s tasty and refreshing, I say it’s done its job. Lost Palms XPA does its job well. Pine and light citrus up front, healthy carbonation, a touch of bready sweetness in the middle, a lick of grain bitterness in the back. Tasty? Check. Refreshing? Check. Extra… Read more

Lost Palms Talle Daze Hazy Pale

Tallebudgera Creek is a wondrous spot. It's the spot you can take the dogs. It's the spot you can take the whole family. It's the spot you can try a standup paddle board for the first time (or as I call it, a falldown paddle board). It’s the spot you can float on a boogie board until the sun disappears. So when you get a beer named for a spot like this, you know it's going to be chill, chill, chill. Talle Daze is light and breezy. This hazy pale gives you a mouthful of fruits from Citra, Galaxy… Read more
Hazy Pale Ale

Lost Palms 300 Days Of Summer

Despite having a couple of degrees under my belt, I’m easily confused. For example, it took me an embarrassingly long time to decipher the name of this beer on the can. Yes, upon studying it, I eventually got to 300 Days of Sunshine. But that wasn’t until I was halfway through drinking it. Before that, I figured it was just called SUNSHINE SUNSHINE SUNSHINE. That didn’t really bother me, though, since this beer is sunshine. You can expect a mild hit of tropical hops, a pleasing malt body, a… Read more
Session Ale

Lost Palms Brewing Specials

Lost Palms First Time Caller & Long Time Listener

Published May 19, 2023
Last winter, Lost Palms released two imperial stouts: a straight stout and one with flavour additions. As we head into winter, they've got a similar dual release of imperial stouts with First Time Caller and Long Time Listener. And just as I found in last year’s beers, the altered one takes the already lovely base stout and then is surprisingly greater than the sum of its parts. First Time Caller is a beer that asserts its presence. Right from the pour its dark brown foam commands respect, even… Read more
Imperial Stout & Imperial Pastry Stout
10.5% & 9.5% ABV

Lost Palms Fashion Tips Fruited Milkshake IPA

Published May 6, 2023
Sometimes all of the expectations of a beer are met on the label, and when that happens there’s not a whole lot someone like me can add to what’s on the can. Fashion Tips is called a pineapple and peach fruited milkshake IPA, so it’s fair to say you’d expect flavours of pineapple and peaches and vanilla milk flavour and fruity hops. Well… yes. That’s what it’s like. It smells simultaneously exactly like a tin of peaches that’s just been peeled open, and exactly like those Allen's… Read more
Pineapple & Peach Milkshake IPA

Lost Palms Back Catalogue & Playlist

Published May 2, 2023
There’s been a bit of a changing of the guard at Lost Palms, as Mitchell Wirth makes the move to Victoria and hands over the reins in the brewhouse to Ryan Anderson. But if you were worried and wondering: “Does that mean Lost Palms is going to stop making weird and wonderful beers?”, then let these two strange potions assuage your fears. Back Catalogue is a pastry sour. A choc banana blueberry maple pastry sour. And I guess LP ran out of room on the side of the can, because they haven’t even… Read more
Pastry Sour & Blue Lemonade Soda Ale
9.1% & 5.0%

Lost Palms Get Together & Blue Skies

Published March 27, 2023
Get Together is one of the tamer limited releases Lost Palms have brought out in some time: a hazy pale designed for easy drinking with mellow juiciness. The translucent pour has the same effect as peeling open a tin of crushed pineapple, filling the air with that sweet smell as well as a waft of citrus. These fruits make their way into the mouth with low carbonation to give you that satisfied smile, then Get Together's mellow grain flavour and light bitterness show up in the finish to keep it real… Read more
Hazy Pale & Oat Cream IPA
4.5% & 7.0%

Lost Palms Everything Apple Cranberry Crumble Sour & Rouge Awakening

Published March 14, 2023
Always keen to keep playing around with flavours, the folk from Lost Palms have brought us two sours done quite differently. Everything Apple Cranberry Crumble Sour is a stylish drop that shines like rosé; pour it into a wine glass and raise a toast to refreshment. The smell wafting from the top of this liquid is a sugary decadence, like berries coated in sugar crystals. But this isn’t a pastry sour, and the flavour isn’t sugary; the brewery describes it as “a sour so crisp, it crunches,”… Read more
Fruit Sour & Flemish Style Sour Red
4.4% & 6.0%

Lost Palms Quick Thinking IPA & Turnstiles Quad Blueberry Pancakes Sour Ale

Published February 28, 2023
When it comes to Lost Palm's latest IPA, I’m not sure the word "hazy" quite covers it. This beer is weirdly opaque. Like an orange-coloured version of when you have an iced latte then all the ice melts, or a cup of milky tea with the tea bag taken out quickly. Not that it tastes like those things. No, it tastes like someone’s spiked the fruit punch at the school dance. You’re sipping on your punch and tasting orange juice and mango and nectarine and a little passionfruit tang, and… Read more
Hazy IPA & Quadruple Blueberry Pancake Sour Ale
6.7% & 12.0%

Lost Palms Tallebudgera Nights Sour Ale & Magnets IPA & Second Rodeo Affogato Pastry Stout

Published February 14, 2023
They took a breather over Christmas and January, but Lost Palms are making up for it now with three limiteds. First up is Tallebudgera Nights, a sour ale with kiwifruit, mango, lychee and feijoa.* Pour it out and you’ve got totally opaque nectar. The head disappears quite quickly, but who’s here for foam when it comes to a glass of puréed fruit? We’re here for the fruitiness and the sourness. The sourness is definitely there, but fairly easygoing, laying the foundation for the fruits to be… Read more
Fruited Sour & Hazy IPA & Affogato Pastry Stout
6.0% & 6.5% & 9.0%

Lost Palms Laid Back Beat & Cardinal Lava (with Seeker)

Published December 16, 2022
Lost Palms are closing out the year with a couple of fruit sours. They describe Laid Back Beat as tasting like watermelon Chupa Chups*, and I can’t beat this description. (Actually they also said "pineapple popsicles" but I’m mostly tasting the watermelon.) It has the clean flavour of watermelon Chupa Chup, but instead of the sugary sweetness there’s a straightforward sourness and a crisp and quick finish. I want to drink it in the pool. Laid Back Beat pours a blush colour like a… Read more
Fruited Sours
4.4% & 6.0%

Lost Palms The Way It Is, Paper Trails & Vibe (with One Drop)

Published November 15, 2022
I believe it was Clark Kent’s Uncle Bob who said: ‘With great baby comes great responsibility.’ Lost Palms’ head brewer Mitch is a new father, and is feeling the weight of the above quote. So the brew team put together a session IPA that’d give him a responsible alternative to those IIPAs and IIIPAs the brewery is fond of. The Way It Is pours totally opaque, looking as much like orange juice as any hazy you’ll come across. But this is indeed a light drinker - the El Dorado and Cashmere… Read more
Session IPA, Italian Pilsner & Double IPA
3.5% & 4.6% & 8.4% ABV

Lost Palms Salted Pretzel Chocolate Bock

Published October 12, 2022
Usually when a craft brewery makes a German lager – let’s say, completely hypothetically, something like a bock – it’s because they want to take a step back from novelty and innovation and adjuncts for a minute. Not often do they pick a traditional style – again, for the sake of this completely hypothetical scenario, we’ll stick with a bock – and then throw in extra ingredients, like, say, salted pretzels and chocolate. Hypothetically. If a brewery were to do this as an Oktoberfest… Read more
Chocolate Bock

Lost Palms & BrewDog Lost Dog Named Mango

Published September 22, 2022
My first introduction to this beer was a poster at Lost Palms – not a normal poster, but a lost dog poster with those tear-off slips at the bottom. (So I tore one off, because why wouldn’t you?) It wasn’t until a later date that I actually met Lost Dog Named Mango. It’s a collab between Lost Palms and BrewDog, with the label artwork showing the Brisbane city skyline and a busy Gold-Coast-esque beach.† If you look very carefully at the scene, you can find the dog Mango hiding among the beachgoers.… Read more
Fruited Oat Cream IPA

Available from the brewery

And Bright Tank stockists in limited release

Lost Palms Your Love Tiki Sour & Double Blueberry Pancake Sour Ale

Published September 2, 2022
Both of these beers may be fruited and acidic, but this sour double-header features two quite different beers. Pick your favourite. Will it be Your Love Tiki Sour? It’s been designed with a tropical cocktail in mind: a sour beer base topped with pineapple, passionfruit and orange then drizzled with coconut & lime rum from Dead Man’s Fingers. None of the ingredients dominates; each is there to contribute to the overall flavour experience. Your Love brings a lot of tang. It’s six percent… Read more
Fruit Sours
6.0% & 9.0%

Lost Palms Cashmere Mosaic IIPA & Citra Galaxy Centennial IIIPA

Published August 9, 2022
“So. For IPA Day. Should we make a IIPA or a IIIPA?” “…” “Yeah, you’re right. Stupid question.” This is how I imagine the conversation went before the Lost Palms team made both of these beers to release on IPA Day. Cashmere Mosaic IIPA is one of those rare IIPAs I could drink 'til it hurts. It’s clean and smooth and hides the alcohol, but is pumping with delicious hop character. Fresh melon and overripe pineapple – the sweet kind with no biting acidity – wash over the tastebuds… Read more
8.0% & 10.0%

Lost Palms Dreamkiller$ Imperial Stout & Dream$ellers Spiced Rum Imperial Stout

Published July 29, 2022
Lost Palms make a lot of fruity, beach-y beers, which is perfectly on brand for a brewery depicted by a pink palm tree. So when they embraced winter by releasing a pair of imperial stouts, my proverbial ears pricked up. (My literal ears just sat on the side of my head like they always do. They’re very placid.) When I poured out a glass of Dreamkiller$ and saw how dense and dark the head was, I smiled. I have a theory when it comes to stouts: the darker the head, the tastier the stout will be. So… Read more
Imperial Stouts
10.0% & 10.3%

Lost Palms Highlights, Blue Skies & Special Listing No.5

Published July 19, 2022
The team at Lost Palms has spent much of 2022 steadily cranking out a stream of serious limited release beers. The styles have varied but each has, more than anything, felt exactly as if they were brewed somewhere sunny and warm like the Gold Coast – and this newest trio is no different. Highlights is an IPA that really does highlight Talus and Citra hops and feels very much at home in the Lost Palms stable. It pours a light golden colour and has the heady smell of fresh-cut citrus, rind and pine.… Read more
IPA, DDH Oat Cream IPA & Berry Sour
6.2% & 7.0% & 6.0%

Lost Palms Riwaka Wai-iti NEIPA

Published May 23, 2022
Lost Palms have been keeping their heads down for a few months to focus on upgrading their brewery – not an easy task with global freight lines and floods close to home conspiring against them. But now, with a flashy upgraded brewhouse and more tanks than before, the team are ready to once again unleash special releases aplenty. The first out of the gate is this NEIPA made with all New Zealand hops. It looks like straight-up orange juice on the pour, but this beer isn’t one-dimensional: a whiff… Read more

Lost Palms Talle Mid Daze

Published February 19, 2022
First Lost Palms brewed Talle Daze Hazy Pale as a limited release. And the people wanted more. So they they brought Talle Daze into the core range. Still the people wanted more. So now they’ve brewed Talle Mid Daze, a version that drops the ABV from the original 5.6 percent to just below 4.† You certainly can’t say Lost Palms don’t listen to their community! The intention here was to keep the spirit of the original while dropping the booze, but that doesn’t mean this is just a Mini Me.††… Read more
Session Hazy

Lost Palms Cryo El Dorado Strata IIPA

Published February 12, 2022
Lost Palms describe their first limited release of 2022 as: "An 8 that drinks like a 6 that you'll rate a 10”… and they’re not exaggerating. I’m always a little surprised by a IIPA that manages to fit into the "approachable" category, but this is one of the special few. This is the kind of IIPA I’d pass to someone who doesn’t usually drink IPAs and say: “Try this one.” It’s not quite crystal clear, showing just a touch of hop haze, but this beer tastes as clean as… Read more

Lost Palms Stone Fruit Sour & Mosaic Cryo Oat Cream

Published December 15, 2021
The photo on this Stone Fruit Sour made me grin: it’s a kitsch kitchen with an orange-upon-orange aesthetic. If someone in your extended family doesn’t have a kitchen this heavily themed with a single colour, you’re missing out. As you pour the Stone Fruit Sour into the glass, with the bubbles blending seamlessly into the liquid, it looks like an apricot milkshake. (Have you had one of those before? They’re delightful.) Once the head settles and dissipates shortly after, the appearance is… Read more
Fruit Sour & Oat Cream IPA
6.0% & 7.0%

Lost Palms Orange & Mandarin Sour NEIPA

Published December 1, 2021
A new head brewer at Lost Palms in 2021 saw a new phase kick off in the brewery’s limited release beers. The Special Listing series focuses on variations of IPAs and sours in 440ml cans, and since this is the first entry in the series, let me take a moment to drool over the design on the cans before telling you about this particular beer. There’s a retro real estate theme to the designs, with the centrepiece of each label being a photo of a room in a house circa 1970. This makes them stand out… Read more
Sour Fruited NEIPA