Lost Palms Cashmere Mosaic IIPA & Citra Galaxy Centennial IIIPA

Lost Palms Brewing

Published August 9, 2022

“So. For IPA Day. Should we make a IIPA or a IIIPA?”


“Yeah, you’re right. Stupid question.”

This is how I imagine the conversation went before the Lost Palms team made both of these beers to release on IPA Day.

Cashmere Mosaic IIPA is one of those rare IIPAs I could drink 'til it hurts. It’s clean and smooth and hides the alcohol, but is pumping with delicious hop character. Fresh melon and overripe pineapple – the sweet kind with no biting acidity – wash over the tastebuds with the tiniest undercurrent of coconut. A late splash of orange zest and resin keep this from being pineapple liqueur, as does the dry finish.

Meanwhile, Citra Galaxy Centennial IIIPA is a long-flavoured sipper with a big, bold, bitter body. I find that Galaxy’s signature passionfruit aroma, which shines so brightly in light and refreshing beers, can take on a thick and sticky weed character in a beer with more oomph. I don’t know if it’s the result of heavy-handed additions of the hop or of loading it into a boozier brew, but I welcome the dank Galaxy thwack in this IIIPA as a pairing to the citrus zing and passionfruit pungency.

Mick Wüst

8.0% & 10.0%
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