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King Road Brewing Co

Published March 27, 2023

Some creators have such a synthesis with the tools of their trade that it’s hard to separate them, especially as the relationship develops over time. Hendrix’s Stratocaster, Dilla’s MPC3000, Jordan’s Nikes, Serena William’s Wilson racket... on it goes. And while it may be something of a stretch, West Australians are witnessing a similar relationship take shape in semi-rural Oldbury: one between King Road’s Steve Wearing and the US hop Strata.

Not only has the brewery’s Strata-led IPA claimed medals, trophies and general admiration wherever it’s been entered in a competition or poured into a glass, the new Strata IPL proves this Midas touch is extending.

Pouring clear yellow, Strata’s strawberry jam nose leads into lean palate which nimbly balances hoppy assertiveness, ample passionfruit-meets-dank, arid length and just enough malt weight. IPLs can often be overwhelmed by hop presence, but here a Zen-like harmony exists, and it’s one which equally elevates the beer, brewer, hop and ongoing affinity – even King Road’s Wagyu even seem impressed.

Guy Southern

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