Artisan Brewing The Expat

Single Hop Belgian Pales
Various ABV

Why would globally travelled, Texan expats with a penchant for all things Belgique settle on one recipe for a core range Pale. The answer, of course, is that they wouldn’t. Instead, The Expat offers the brewery – and punters – a chance to explore new hop expressions with each release.

A somewhat unintended consequence of the Belgian pale’s nomenclature is that each variant seems to be part of an underground secret service, each with its own hoppy skillset. For example, past variants have included the The Expat: Zamba which bursts with tropical character while Belgian yeast spice swirls underneath the generous malt, and The Expat: Amarillo which highlights orange and grapefruit led citrus.

Guy Southern

Artisan Brewing

Board Road
WA 6333

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Tours by appointment

B2 - Medium Rectangle 2023
B2 - Medium Rectangle 2023

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