White Rabbit & Pana Organic Chocolate Stout 2020

White Rabbit (Lion/Kirin)

Published March 30, 2020

It feels like Easter, as with pretty much everything else other than adjusting temporarily to a new way of life, is cancelled for 2020. But if you feel like getting in the mood (well, the mood that involves chocolate, bunnies and hunts rather than murder and alleged resurrection, at least) then there are still brewers out there keen to lend a hand.

White Rabbit have been putting out a chocolate stout in cahoots with Pana Organic for a few years now and their 2020 version – brewed with cacao from their partners and a dash of brandy – is as much like something you'd pour over dessert as it is a stout. It leans sweeter than dry without succumbing to gloopiness; it's more velvet than viscous. And there's a fruitiness at play – veering into choc orange territory – especially on the nose and presumably thanks to the brandy.

A dark treat for dark days.

James Smith

Chocolate Stout
White Rabbit (Lion/Kirin)

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