Burleigh Brewing All Ways Hopped Hazy IPA

Burleigh Brewing Company

Published December 12, 2019

So, in an era when highly hopped beers are de rigeur, what does "All Ways Hopped" mean? In the case of Burleigh Brewing's brewmaster Brennan Fielding: "We utilised our hopback, multiple dry hopping methods at numerous stages and our own in-house specialty hopping techniques."

In doing so, they've created a beer that isn't that hazy when measured against many hazies on the market today and in which the aromas don't explode out of the glass as you might expect. What all those hops contribute instead is depth.

Rising from and lurking within this copper drop are pine and pineapple, peach and darker citrus varieties, melded with a creamy caramel malt character. It's big and bold on the palate – both sweet and deeply hoppy – and with a bitterness that's balancing rather than Bolshy.

James Smith

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