Cornella Brewery Rancho Cerveza & Sunkissed

Mexican Lager & Summer Ale
4.0% & 4.2%

Cornella Brewery has firmly slotted the brewhouse’s gearstick into 'S' with this duo of summer releases. But while both are geared towards light refreshment, they're entirely distinct beers.

Rancho Cerveza may seem like an attempt to surf the wave of locally brewed 'Cervezas' in Australian craft beer lager but it's a tweaking of a beer the brewery released locally in 2022 named Cerveza Ranchera. There's some room to maneuver within the Mexican lager style, and whilst this beer might have more flavour when compared to well-known examples, it's still a clean, crisp, light lager with refreshment as the key driver. Made with maize as a key ingredient, the beer pours pale straw colour with brilliant clarity and provides gentle notes that sit between dry cracker and corn chips. It's an excellent reminder why locals have every reason to shun imported brands, as too is Cornella's decision to go 'full-cowboy' with Rancho Cerveza, partnering with Bennett Ranch Rodeo to supply beer for their Bull Riding Titles on December 16. Yee-haw!

Althought it's also light and easy to drink, Sunkissed is for those who like a little more flavour in their summer quenchers. It's a light to medium-bodied summer ale with a soft haze in the pale gold liquid beneath its luscious white foamy head. The inclusion of orange peel enhances the familiar tropical citrus notes already present in the Simcoe hops, resulting in a more palate-coating mouthfeel than the lager, but still with a crisp, lightly bitter finish.

At 4.0 and 4.2 percent ABV respectedly, these beers are crafted for leisurely summer sipping and relaxation - perhaps accompanied by a little siesta.

Daniel Ridd

Published December 8, 2023

Cornella Brewery

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VIC 3551

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