Revel Brewing The Mango Mac & Cola Wave Sour Ales

Sour Beers
Both 3.5%

One month into spring and Brisbane’s weather is feeling like summer. What are you going to do: comment ceaselessly on the weather, or drink summery beers? (Or, most likely – both.)

Revel have two summery sours that both suit the temperature and capture the summers of our youth.

The Mango Mac is a superb facsimile of a mango and macadamia Weis bar, capturing both its intense fruit quality and its cold creaminess. Cracking open the can is like opening that wrapper and letting out the huge mango hit with an undercurrent of creamy coconut. That first bite – uh, sip – brings a multiplication of the coconut character along with a sour mango tang. Its here that the addition of macadamia joins in, with the subtle nuttiness that only that little ballbearing of a nut can bring. (Seriously, those things can be used as weapons.)

With Cola Wave Sour, Revel have brought back their GABS 2022 beer (then called Cola Chupa Chup Sour Ale), and I have to say: this is the most cola-smelling cola beer yet.* It does indeed harness the vibe of – you guessed it – cola Chupa Chups. And yet, while the aroma has you expecting something sugary in the mouth, it’s not like that at all: in place of the sweetness of the confectionery, there’s a light refreshing acidity. My drinking partner described it as “crunchy.” Do with that what you will.

Mick Wùst

*I’m aware that doesn’t sound like it should be a whole category, but I’ve had three cola beers in the last few months…

Published September 25, 2023

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