Craft Beer Rising!

December 20, 2013, by Crafty Pint

Craft Beer Rising!

Who fancies making a load of noise about our wonderful homegrown beer industry? If you’re a reader of The Crafty Pint, the chances are you do. And if you’re a subscriber to our weekly newsletter you’ll also know we’ve been dropping hints about something new we’ve been planning for a few months.

Well, today’s the day we reveal what that is: Craft Beer Rising – a national day in celebration of the brewers, beers and venues that are driving the revolution that is changing Australia’s beer culture. Or, as we say on the posters: “Celebrating local beer and local brewers at the best local venues.”

The idea behind it is to create an easy and fun way for everyone who cares about beer to come together and share a beer while making as much positive noise as possible about the industry we know and love. We know there is a surfeit of festivals, beer weeks and other events taking up brewers' time already, so this is designed to be as burden free as possible. It’s not a festival, it’s not an event that requires people to buy tickets or go to any great lengths to set anything up, and there’s no need to travel beyond your nearest craft brewer or good beer-supporting venue to take part.

All we ask is that, on February 22, 2014, brewers, venues and beer lovers unite over a glass or three of locally-brewed beer and celebrate. Or, if they don’t have a local venue pouring good beer, gift a bottle of their favourite Aussie craft beer to their local landlord and ask: “Why not?”

How will it work?

We’re building a custom-designed website at (it’s a holding page for now) that will allow brewers and venue owners to register their venue and their plans for the day (for free if they have a listing on The Crafty Pint).

All we ask is that breweries open for the day (if they can) and that the brewers are there to share a beer with anyone that comes along, or that venues pour all Aussie beer on tap for the day (ideally from their state’s brewers). If anyone wants to do more, they can, but the idea is that it’s free and easy so that everyone can get involved without expending much time or money.


The website, when it’s launched in its full form, will list all participants' events in an easily searchable manner so you can find your nearest venue. We’ll be sending posters (like the one to the right here) to central distribution points around the country so all participants can pop them up and we’ll then aim to get as much media coverage for the event as we can.

The Craft Beer Rising Manifesto

Other than drinking some top local drops, how else can you as a drinker get involved? We came up with a five point manifesto so simple even Jaymes Diaz should be able to remember it:

  1. Head to your nearest brewery and share a beer with the brewer.

  2. Head to your nearest participating venue pouring all Aussie beer for the day and join in the fun.

  3. Revisit the first Australian craft beer you ever enjoyed and reminisce.

  4. Buy a bottle of your favourite Aussie craft beer for your mate who claims they don’t like beer.

  5. If all your local venues sell crap beer, gift the landlord a bottle of your favourite Aussie craft beer and suggest they get with the program.

We’ll be running a competition to win beer too, so look out for details next year. For now, huge thanks to the Grain Store in Newcastle, Bintani, Hop Products Australia and Good Beer Week for lending their support to Craft Beer Rising.

The Crafty Pint will be at the Grain Store on February 22 to celebrate the day – after all, where else could we go than the venue that pours nothing but local beer through its 20 taps every day of the year?

So, please mark February 22 in your diaries and, until we’re back with more in January, have a great Christmas and an awesome New Year!


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