Help Us Get Blind: Lagers Round II

April 1, 2021, by Crafty Pint

Help Us Get Blind: Lagers Round II

Thanks to everyone that nominated the lagers they want us to put to the test when we host our next blind tasting in late April. As expected, there were far more put forward than it's possible / sane to attempt in one sitting, so now it's time to whittle that long list down to something manageable.

We've locked in a fair few beers already – yes, it's going to be a big lineup, and yes, that's only a small portion of those available in Australia now... Those already locked in are those that received the most nominations in the first round plus recent trophy-winners from some of the country's biggest beer awards; you can view them below.

Now it's time to fill the remaining handful of spots. We've removed those that don't fit in the fairly broad spectrum of pale lagers we're going to tackle – those of a German / Czech leaning and their New World interpretations; nothing dark or veering into IPL territory – and inviting you to select five from the form at the bottom of the page. We'll close voting on April 16 to allow us time to source the beers before the tasting.

We're also sticking to Australian beers and only allowing one per brewery.

On a related note, tickets are on sale for our Good Beer Week Pint of Origin IPA Blind Tasting Championship. At time of writing, more than a quarter of spots have already been snapped up so head here to book yours before the rest are gone.

The Lager Lineup Locks So Far...

  • Aether (QLD) – The Mayor
  • Ballistic (QLD) – Lager
  • Balter (QLD) – Lager
  • Blackman's (VIC) – Lager
  • Boatrocker (VIC) – Local Lager
  • Brick Lane (VIC) – Draught
  • Bright (VIC) – Alpine Lager
  • Bucketty's (NSW) – Lager
  • Burnley (VIC) – Helles
  • Gage Roads (WA) – Coastal Lager
  • Green Beacon (QLD) – Grappler Lager
  • Hargreaves Hill (VIC) – Lager
  • Heads of Noosa (QLD) – Japanese Lager
  • Hepburn Springs (VIC) – Pilsner
  • Hop Nation (VIC) – Organic Lager
  • Jindabyne (NSW) – Pilzner
  • Mismatch (SA) – Lager
  • Moo Brew (TAS) – Pilsner
  • Moon Dog (VIC) – Lager
  • Mountain Culture (NSW) – Lager
  • Mr Banks (VIC) – Lager Life
  • Pikes (SA) – Pilsener
  • Stone & Wood (NSW) – Green Coast
  • Sunday Road (NSW) – Coast Track Lager
  • Sydney Brewery (NSW) – Pilsner
  • Willie The Boatman (NSW) – Marrickville Lager
  • Hemingway's (QLD) – Prospector Pilsner

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