Help Us Get Blind: Lagers

March 17, 2021, by Crafty Pint

Help Us Get Blind: Lagers

Over the past few years, lagers have been making a comeback within the craftier realms of the Australian beer world. With craft beer well and truly established – and skills and quality improving all the time – there's been less need to fight against or distinguish oneself from the still-dominant industrial lagers, and a greater ability to make them well.

So, now we can get together in panels to run our blind tastings again we figured it was time to put the country's offerings to the test. What's more, it turns out it's been half a decade-plus since pale lagers were last the focus of one of our Getting Blind With Crafty sessions.

Given the size of the industry these days, we won't be able to sample every lager out there, but we would like your help compiling the lineup we'll assess. Below you can suggest beers you'd like to be considered for the expert panel.

A few pointers...

  • We're only going to be looking at pale lagers (still a pretty broad spread), so no amber, dark, Vienna or India pale varieties.
  • Only suggest beers that are in package (cans or bottles) and available regularly throughout the year – no one-off releases, please.
  • We fully expect to end up with a far longer list than can reasonably be tackled in one sitting, so in all likelihood we will then whittle this down – looking to include trophy / award winners, a good spread around the country, etc – before landing on the final lineup.
  • We're aiming to hold the tasting in late April.

Show Us Your Lagers!

We've allowed space to enter up to five beers, but you can enter less if you like. If you want to suggest more, just refresh the page and go again.

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CBCo Goldy
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