Who Brews At Snapper Point?

February 1, 2021, by Ben Hopkins

Who Brews At Snapper Point?

When it comes down to it, pretty much everyone brews beer for the same reason: they love beer. While some people may have more a nuanced backstory as to why they become a brewer, no one's going to be brewing beer if they don’t like it. It’s just plain common sense.

And this was the simple inspiration for David Peacock, founder and head brewer at Snapper Point Brewing in South Australia.

“I was spending a lot of money on cartons and Coopers kits,” he says. “I just thought to myself one day, ‘I can make better beer than this, and it’ll cost me less in the long run.’ That’s how Snapper Point was born.”

Taking the brewing company's name from the coastal location close to his home, David has been brewing for the past six years, slowly learning the tricks of the trade and honing his beers. Despite the fact his beers are sparingly available, David has developed a growing following online, posting frequent beer and brewing updates on his Instagram account.

“Social media has been great. I was just flogging my personal accounts with all my brewing stuff, so eventually when I started my Snapper Point account, I think people were pretty happy,” he says, laughing.

“It’s been awesome to see things grow organically. I got invited to a craft show that came through Insta. When I got set up, the beer just sold out; it was amazing. I’ve had a few 'pinch myself' moments as things have continued to grow.”

At time of writing, his lineup features his pride and joy, Snapper Juice, as well as the Blonde Mullet Golden Ale and Snapper Point Ale. Although brewing isn’t his full-time job, David intends to push himself to one day make that a reality.

“The next stage is going to be increasing the scope," he says. "I can keep doing it all on my own but it’s going to be a lot of work.

“I want to keep growing but I’m not in any rush. I’d rather take the time and explore what I’m doing rather than chase dollars and rush things.”

We invited him to take part in our long-running Who Brews...? series, which he's done with possibly the tightest set of answers to date.

Snapper Point Brewing

David Peacock and his Snapper Point tinnies.


Who are you?

I'm David Peacock, owner / brewer of Snapper Point Brewing. I still work full-time for SA Water.

Where do you brew?

I brew out of my shed at home.

Why do you brew?

I love drinking beer.

Was there a beer or moment that set you on the path to becoming a brewer?

No, I didn't know much about beer before I started. I just thought I'd save money by homebrewing.

What's the inspiration behind the brewery name?

It's being local and part of the community. Snapper Point is the reef / beach here.

What beer in your lineup best represents you and why?

Snapper Juice. It's a big beer.

If anyone drops in on brew day, what are they most likely to hear blaring from the speakers?

Nipsey Hussle.

What beers are in your fridge right now?

Snapper Juice, Pale Ale, Blonde Mullet, BA Stout.

Which local beers have blown your mind in recent weeks?

Shifty Lizard, Pirate Life.

Where can people find your beers?

Moana Heights Cellarbrations.

Where do you hope your brewery will be ten years from now?

Full size production brewery on the esplanade at Snapper Point.

You can keep up to date with Snapper Point via Instagram and find more entries in the Who Brews...? series here.


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