Help Us Get Blind: Hazy Pales

January 11, 2021, by Crafty Pint

Help Us Get Blind: Hazy Pales

Having managed to squeeze in a post-lockdown(s) blind tasting just before 2020 drew to a close, we're hoping to run them more regularly again in 2021. And, for our first blind tasting of the new year we're going to take a look at hazy pales.

They've been around a while – and there's still some pretty diverse interpretation as to what they can or should be – but as 2020 advanced, a growing number of brewers were adding them to their lineups.

We're not sure just how many are out there in cans and bottles from Aussie brewers, so are hoping you – brewers, reps, beer lovers – will help us compile a long list of those that are available. Ideally, we're after those that are available year round too. 

To help out, you can enter those you know of in the form below.

We're aiming to get a panel together for the tasting in early February and will need some time to source all the beers, so the sooner you send us beers for consideration the better!

You can view all past blind tastings here too.

Hazy Pales

NB All beers need to be available in can or bottle and available now. You can enter as many as you like on separate lines.

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