Crafty Crawls: Teneriffe & Newstead

March 22, 2024, by Mitch Wilkins
Crafty Crawls: Teneriffe & Newstead

No one knows where Teneriffe ends and Newstead begins. We all just vibe it, and use eeny-meeny-miney-mo if we have to write down an address. But, when it comes to good beer crawls in Brisbane, most Brisbanites agree that Teneriffe/Newstead is the OG.

Brisbane was late to the game when it came to jumping aboard the good beer train – the first solid venues and many of the plethora of breweries that now call the city home opened in the early 2010s, with the Newstead area developing one of the first solid crawls by about 2013. 

Locals who've been along for the ride since those early days will be familiar with these venues – and will still tell you they’re nostalgic for the original Tippler’s Tap and Newstead Brewing's brewpub (even though you didn’t ask).

While none of us actually has enough money to live in this area, or has met anyone who has the money to live there, we love to visit the area to spend our money irresponsibly at all of these venues. Then wonder why we can’t afford nice things.

Stop One: Zero Fox


Ground zero for our pub crawl through the ritzy suburban splendour that is the general Teneriffe area is the appropriately named Zero Fox. Longstanding and wholly unpretentious, Zero Fox is a favourite of Brisbane hospo and regular folk alike.

The Zero Fox crew has been slinging its particular brand of laid-back service and a meticulously curated tap selection since 2016. A colourful chalk board displays what’s on tap, complete with hand-drawn decals with a heavy emphasis on local brews. The offerings are always well-rounded and they’re not afraid to give tap space to some heavy-hitters with big ABVs. They also regularly feature a tap spritz and kombucha for those not looking for beer, but that’s not why we’re here, is it?

Plenty of "fox" go into the food menu, which features a range of South East Asian-inspired items to get a good base down as you begin your crawl. You ate before you came? You can still snack on some edamame or kimchi fries. If you’re chasing something bigger, there’s a selection of baos and a classic katsu sando that will not disappoint. The menu also has solid, non-token offerings for those adverse to gluten, meat, or any animal product so it’s a great place to meet up with those of discerning dietary demands. 

The outdoor seating is a great space to both people watch and dog spot, but if that’s not your thing you can pull up a stump inside below the big ol’ fox mural and chat with the approachable and knowledgeable staff. 

Just a stone’s throw from the ferry terminal, Zero Fox is a space that’s sincere and captures all the best bits of the Teneriffe vibe while still maintaining absolutely zero fox. 

To find Zero Fox, just follow the best vibes all the way to 36 Vernon Terrace, Teneriffe.

Stop Two: Streetcorner Jimmy


Working under the assumption that your belly is now full of delicious bao, don, and the like, it’s a very short waddle down to our next stop which is… well, just down on the corner. 

First opening in 2018, Streetcorner Jimmy has a lot going on. Amid the cosy corners throughout the dimly lit interior you’ll see exposed brick and beam that showcases the woolstore origins of a building that dates back to 1912. The character-packed bar features an impressive and somewhat intimidating back bar selection as well as a solid, approachable range of craft beer offerings to satisfy any discerning beer tragic. Their eight taps often feature local brews and roll over pretty often. You’ll also spy a fridge behind the bar stacked with crafty offerings in tins and some tasty non-alc options. 

The food fare here is American-inspired bar offerings with some classic Aussie pub grub splattered in. They offer daily specials, with Friday being Big Schnitty Day (who among us doesn’t love a big schnitty?). The menu is more geared towards the carnivores among us, although there are vegetarian and a couple of vegan options included. If you’re still looking to graze, you can order yourself a platter, some charred breads, or a baked pretzel. 

The corner is once again a great vantage point for taking in all things Teneriffe, offering plenty of shade and fans to cut through the Brisbane heat. Inside, there are stools at the bar for the budding bar flies among us and some couches where you can catch the occasional spot of live music. If you’re already feeling a bit fancy, you can grab yourself a cocktail here. We won’t judge.

Streetcorner Jimmy is at 38 Vernon Terrace, Teneriffe, just two doors down from our last stop. Oddly enough, you’ll find it on the corner. 

Stop Three: Green Beacon Brewing


Our next stop on this crawl is the first of three brewpubs all within a short walk. What a treat. 

Green Beacon first graced Brisbane with good beer back in 2013. Since then, it’s been quite a journey for the brewery, going from strength to strength as an indie brewery, collecting multiple major awards, then selling to Asahi in 2019, which means they now sit alongside fellow former indies Mountain Goat, Balter, Pirate Life and 4 Pines within the CUB/Asahi stable. 

Stepping through the roller-door into the well-appointed and industrial yet comfortable interior, you get a sense of Green Beacon’s ten years-and-counting of operation. This place feels lived in. The space is open and vast, but also welcoming and softened by an abundance of wood and greenery. The bar itself runs the full length of the venue and houses a half dozen or so brewing tanks where expertly crafted brews reach their full potential. 

The taps feature many of the old favourites that made the brewery what it is, as well as some limited releases. You can also catch the odd brew of their barrel-aged Fathom releases here that always promise big flavour and funk. The accompanying Helen Street Kitchen menu is well-varied (with an emphasis on burgers) and includes some options for the kids. 

There’s something special about seeing where it all started for Green Beacon. Though you can find their beers throughout so many venues and bottleshops, they seem to taste all the better direct from the source. And if direct from the source is your thing, you’re gonna dig our next two stops.

Green Beacon is hard to miss… like a beacon. Just look for the massive logo painted on the roller door at 26 Helen Street, Teneriffe.

Stop Four: Working Title


Working Title are the latest venture to throw their hat into the metaphorical ring that is the Newstead and Teneriffe brewing hub. Their home was once a bus depot, then occupied by Newstead Brewing for almost a decade, before Working Title finally found their forever home here in 2023 and opened on the first of April (no joke). 

Working Title first started gracing Brisbane with their brews in 2021 and instantly stood out from the pack for being big on flavour (and putting those big beers in big cans). Their rapid fire releases are unapologetic and not afraid to delve into the weirder side of beer. The beers quickly garnered a local following, so it only made sense for Working Title to find a brick and mortar space where they could fully geek out on their fermentables. 

The choice-paralysis-inducing tap list here will offer a lot of heavy hitters, so be sure to take the advice of the signs posted in the bathrooms urging you to drink some water. For something different, you might opt for a sparkling mead; they make it in house with honey from native bees on their rooftop.

After a couple of these, you may have the confidence to think you’re good at pinball, in which case WT have a couple of machines tucked away at the end of the bar. There’s also a Point Blank arcade machine; the venue manager is a former world record holder, so be prepared to back up any boasts you make. 

The menu is styled as "food to drink beer to" and offers a meld of Japanese-inspired food with locally sourced ingredients, making this the perfect opportunity for a top-up on bao or your second katsu sando of the day. Like the beers, there are big flavours to be had here and the staff are happy to talk you through some pairings between pints and plates. 

The venue is rustic and industrial, as many breweries are, but also sleek, welcoming and snug. Working Title is anything but a work in progress and is a great addition to the vibrant Brisbane craft beer scene. 

Mosey on over to 85 Doggett Street, Newstead to find Working Title. There’s a massive sign at the front of the venue that says "BEER HERE" (it's the one at the top of this article, in fact), so it’s pretty hard to miss.

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Stop Five: Range Brewing


Our third brewpub stop needs little introduction. Range Brewing first entered the scene in 2017 and almost immediately became an integral part of Brissie beer lore with a slew of releases that can only be described as just bloody great beer. 

Be prepared for more difficult decisions here as you peruse the 16 tap options covering a broad range of styles and flavours. If you find yourself in full paralysis, you can always lean on one of their three late-coming core range beers (it only took Range five years to settle on them): the Disco DDH pale ale, Sunshine XPA or Dreams Hazy IPA. If you’re still paralysed at this point, it may be time for another water. 

The venue itself is pared-back and minimalist, drawing no attention away from what it’s all about for Range: beer. There are some comfortable booths where you can rest your probably weary legs (don’t worry, we’re nearly done) and some tables if you’re on a crawl with a crew. 

For something different here, you can nab yourself a Roman-style sourdough pizza courtesy of Jacopo. The menu showcases some classic and not-so-classic toppings and has become a bit of a local favourite over the years. 

This is another space where you can witness where it all started. Range have since opened a taproom in Melbourne as well as a venue in Brisbane’s Rosalie. None of these endeavours have taken away from the original venue that is still, at its core, what it was on day dot: a simple space to drink some good beer. 

Range Brewing is at 4 Byres Street, Newstead – it’s the big black box that beckons with promises of wonders within. It's also the northernmost point on this Crawl, so spin on your heels and head back southwestwards to...

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Stop Six: Mrs Brown’s Bar & Kitchen


We've reached the final stop of the crawl and it’s time to treat yourself to something a little bit fancy.

Mrs Brown’s Bar & Kitchen has called Newstead home since 2017, and is another venue that nods to the industrial roots of the suburb. The dimly lit space is teeming with abundant greenery, adding a warmth and cosiness to the former warehouse. 

This place has a plethora of options on top of their 24 taps, which house a bunch of crafty and local options. The bar that runs the length of the venue is backed by an impressive selection of wine and liquor, a lot of which may be new and unfamiliar to you, so we’ll forgive you if you want to indulge yourself in a cocktail or wine at this point. But their taps feature a carefully-curated selection of good, approachable Aussie craft. Enjoy browsing before you settle on one.

The food menu matches the space with a selection of decadent, home-style eats that’ll perfectly soak up the beers you’ve had along the way. The combination of the space, the bar, and the food acts as an invitation to find yourself a comfortable nook and take your time and enjoy all that Mrs Brown has to serve up.

While potentially a little intimidating at first, all of the aspects of Mrs Brown’s – as well as the friendly staff, who seem genuinely happy to be here – give the space an overall wholesome vibe. You’ll quickly find yourself holding the bar’s namesake in high esteem, considering her a generous friend with so many stories to tell. 

Mrs Brown’s Bar & Kitchen resides at 32 Commercial Road, Newstead. Stay a while and have a little rest. You’ve earned it. 

Other Options


If you're still not sated, here's a few more venues to check out...

  • Aji, 8/36 Vernon Terrace, Teneriffe – A small café bar sandwiched between our first two entries on the list, Zero Fox and Streetcorner Jimmy. You might be surprised by the taps here (in a good way). 
  • Common Vice, 2/75 Welsby Street, New Farm – formerly Bitter Suite, you’ll still find some craft on tap here a little off the beaten path.
  • The Wine Emporium, 76 Skyring Terrace (Gasworks), Newstead – A solid bottleshop in the Gasworks precinct.
  • The Triffid, 7/9 Stratton Street, Newstead – A Brisbane live music institution. It’s a real treat being able to catch your favourite band while drinking good beer. 
  • Hellbound, 697 Brunswick Street, New Farm – Featured in our Fortitude Valley crawl, Hellbound is a great little in-betweener before heading into the delightful chaos that is Fortitude Valley. 

You can check out other Crafty Crawls from around the country here and find all of these venues and hundreds of others in the free Crafty Pint app.

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