For Sale: Framax Bottling Line & Labeller


For Sale: Framax Bottling Line & Labeller

Posted December 2, 2023

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WA's Eagle Bay have moved their lineup out of bottles and into cans which means, they have a bottling line up for sale. 

Here's what you need to know about the system.

For Sale: Framax Bottling Line & Labeller

After a successful transition into canned beer over the last two years, Eagle Bay Brewing Co is putting their bottling line up for sale having ceased production of bottled product and are open to expressions of interest.

Purchased new in 2012 direct through Framax, it has had regular servicing undertaken by Eagle Bay’s onsite maintenance.

This machine has been well looked after, and is in great condition.


1x 8 head filler: Double pre-evacuation 30-50 ppb (parts per billion) DO shaken High polish bowl for low microbial spoilage CIP sanitisation stainless steel cups and CIP loop bottle change parts for wider diameter 640ml longneck bottles.

26mm pry-off crown seal applicator

1x Labelling machine: Self-adhesive linear labelling machine 3 position labelling stations – Front, Back, and Neck Pressure sensitive/Self Adhesive Printer Hot foil Date/Batch stamp printer

Additional: Full stainless steel Italian quality frame & support connecting conveyors between filler & labeller

Loading/Unloading conveyor sections / pack-out and pack-in rotary tables (note: pack-out table is disconnected and not shown in photos as we are no longer running the machine and needed the space)

Asking Price: $100,000 + GST

Please get in touch with Nick d’Espeissis for more information/ photos/ videos of operation by calling 0419 913 993 or emailing