Deeds Are Hiring A Packaging Manager


Deeds Are Hiring A Packaging Manager

Posted January 27, 2023

This posting is more than 1 year old

Are you an experienced packaging manager? In that case, Deeds Brewing would like to hear from you as they're after someone to oversee their busy packaging operations.

They're also hiring for another role on the pack line.


We are excited to announce that we are looking for an experienced Packaging Manager to join our team.  As we continue to grow, we need someone with the necessary skills to help us run our pack line that turns out a variety of quality beers set against an intense production schedule. 

The successful candidate will be passionate and hard-working, able to manage the efficient running of packaging operations. We are looking for someone who prioritises safety at all times and promotes that culture in the wider team. You are capable of a range of basic mechanical repairs, taking ownership of ongoing maintenance for all packaging equipment. You will be committed to product quality, with an eye for detail and genuine pride in the output of the brewery.

Our Packaging Manager will work closely with the Head Brewers to coordinate all packaging operations.

The ideal candidate is:

  • Managing the Packaging Schedule, in coordination, with the Head Brewer to ensure all SKU’s are packaged on time and in spec.
  • Managing the shifts of all employees, both permanent and casual, working within the Packaging Department.
  • Ensuring that all product is packaged to spec – including DO, CO2, required date stamps, can size, carton size, keg size, etc.
  • Manage and lead the packaging team in the production of packaged beer, to ensure adequate supply as required by the production schedule.
  • Coordinate the keg fleet with operations to ensure adequate supply as required by the production schedule
  • Managing the ordering and inventory of all materials required for packaging on a weekly basis including cans, lids, bottles, crowns, cartons, keg caps, carton labels, Paktech Carriers, Cluster wraps, Carton Printer Ink, Can Printer Ink.
  • Coordinating with the Marketing Department regarding label delivery to ensure the necessary labels are available as required by the production schedule.
  • Assisting in repair and maintenance with all packaging equipment as required and within the ability of the Packaging Manager.
  • Planning future packaging expansions and improvement projects, and continuous improvement of existing equipment and operations.    
  • Coordinating all required repairs and maintenance with equipment suppliers as needed.
  • Coordinating annual outages / repair periods with equipment suppliers and the Head Brewer to ensure the required preventative maintenance is conducted.
  • Filling out all required Quality Documentation as required including Pack Log Sheets, QA data, etc.
  • Developing and finalising all SOP’s for all equipment in the Packaging Department
  • Developing checklists for all equipment and ensuring that employees are using them when starting up, operating, or shutting down
  • The training of all roles within the Packaging Department

If you have the skills and would like to join an exciting and fast-growing brewery pushing out high quality beer please send your resume to