Carwyn Cellars Turns Ten (VIC)

Sun 12 Feb 12:00pm

Carwyn Cellars Turns Ten (VIC)

If it only seemed like last year that Carwyn Cellars turned two, it's because it was. How, then, can it be that they're turning ten? 

Well, before it was a bottleshop and bar, Carwyn was simply a bottleshop. And it is that original component – once at a different location on the high street – that will be celebrating a decade of dispensing good booze with a party dispensing good booze. 

They’ve lined up ten rather tasty beverages unique to them in that they’ve been responsible for either creating, mixing or ageing them:

  • Sangria – made with Roots Winemaking Project Nero D’avola. 
  • Last Word Brewing Hop Burst Lager/XPA
  • 40Ft Brewing ‘Gran Humo Negro Porter + Amrut ‘Carwyn Cellars Cask’ Whisky boilermaker
  • New World Distillery ‘Carwyn Cellars Exclusive Cask’ Manhattan 
  • Glenrothes ‘Carwyn Cellars Cask’ whisky highball
  • Four Pillars Distillery negroni barrel house-aged gin, on ice.
  • Melbourne Moonshine Company house-aged overproof shine, served neat
  • ‘Moon-Fashioned’ house barrel aged Melbourne Moonshine/ Archie Rose Distilling Co. white rye cocktail
  • Carwyn Cellars batch tap Negroni
  • Boatrocker sour ale – blended by staff, exclusive to Carwyn

To make sure you've got a good base to build from, they’ll be slinging smoked brisket rolls all day, rom midday. 

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