Craft Beer, Bingo & Burgers at Grosvenor Hotel (VIC)

Mon 12 Sep 7:00pm

Craft Beer, Bingo & Burgers at Grosvenor Hotel (VIC)

If you've never played bingo using craft beer and burgers while being hosted by a magician-cum-standup comic, you've been playing the wrong kind of bingo. Fortunately, you can makes amends at the Grosvenor Hotel when they host their Craft Beer, Bingo & Burgers night. 

It's being run in conjunction with Wolf of the Willows, Coopers and Stone & Wood whereby a representative from each brewery hosts a round of beer bingo that's centred around their beer (which you will, of course, be drinking while this is happening). 

The ticket gets you the three beers, the bingo and a burger of your choice from the five the Grosvenor has on offer. 

$50. Book here.

BONUS DISCOUNT! Crafty Pint readers can get $5 off the ticket price by entering the promo code 'CRAFTYPINTBINGO' when purchasing a ticket. Or just click here to go straight to the checkout. 

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