Australian Brewery Canbassador Competition

Sat 1 Oct 12:00pm

Australian Brewery Canbassador Competition

Are you one of those drinkers who loves to take pictures of your beer? If so, why not try and turn your skills into some cash with the Australian Brewery's Canbassador competition. 

The idea behind it is to use the brewery's own drinkers to come up with a concept that, to them, epitomises the Aussie brand, be it an iconic image or a nicely put together piece of footage (you can see last year's winner here).

They'll be giving away cases of beer to the best entries each week before the ultimate winner is drawn in October, walking away with $5,000 and their concept being used in the brewery's marketing campaigns. 

To read more, or take part, just head to the competition website. Entries close on October 1. 

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